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Image Attribution
Assembly line (by Steve Jurveston); The office (by Nicholas Carey)
A house in the country, Efail-Rhyd, Powys (by John Haynes); Ixtapaluca housing project, Mexico (from AHI)
A bloke and a tv (by Davidlohr Bueso); Footie at the cine (by Frankie Roberto)
At Buchanan Bus Station (by Mary and Angus Hogg); Northern Rock Bank (by Dominic Alves)
Bondi Junction Shopping Mall, Sydney (by Charlie Brewer); A market stall, Fishguard, Abergwaun (by ceridwen)
Kolkata street football (by Dipanker Dutta); The Isle of Man TT race (by ChristofBerger)
Snacking in Tin Yiu Centre, Hong Kong (by WiNG); A bite on Twin Peaks, San Francisco (by John Tessier)
Cats on display, Madison Square Garden (by Sarah Marriage); Cows making their way, Haridwar, Pilgrims (by Mckay Savage);
Keeping fit
PT, Moberly's Gratz Brown Elementary School (by KOMUnews); Up the Greenhead Bank Cycle path (by Oliver Dixon)
Ballet in the street, Barranquilla (by El Munera); Morris dancing at the Downton Cuckoo Fair (by Jim Champion)
A library in Paris (by Julie Kertesz); Map reading (by Sam and Emer)
Halloween stories (by woodley wonderworks); Computer skills class, Bhutan (by Ryanne Laihiuyeung)
Ghost Lake, Warren County, USA (by Nicholas_T), Helsingborg, Sweden (by Jsdo 1980)
Tattoos (Like/dislikes)
Girlz!(by Lamilli); Yakuza! (by Colin and Sarah Northway)
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 Ixtapaluca housing project (from AHI)
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